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Liberati Colour


Liberati Colour

Colour Consultant & Interior Designer

Colour is all about you and colour is all about "you".  Whether "you" are an architect, a developer, a project manager, a body corporate manager or just someone wanting to repaint or refurbish, Colour fills your world.

Colour is everywhere we look and on every surface. It is bright or dull depending on light and position.  Colour is not just about paint.  It comprises a myriad of textures, materials and technologies.  Colour is also perception, personality and science.

'Colouring' your world can cost a little or a lot depending on your materials and scope of works.  Painting is the most cost effective and immediate method of interior and exterior design transformation.  Liberati Colour can advise on all aspects of colour design.

In 15 years of practice as a Colour Consultant and Interior Designer, Libbi Bennison of Liberati Colour has successfully 'coloured' nearly every type of building - homes, apartments, school, church, housing developments, restaurants, clubs, cafes and offices.

Liberati Colour helps you choose the colours you want.

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